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WELCOME to Dry Creek Acres Toggenburg Dairy Goats. We're located in Sioux County, Iowa - just 5 miles east of the Iowa-South Dakota border near Hudson, South Dakota...about 45 minutes from either Sioux Falls, South Dakota or Sioux City, Iowa.

HISTORY: We started raising dairy goats in 1994 in Sanborn County, South Dakota. We had a nice pasture and acquired four unregistered crossbred does. We bred them to a registered Toggenburg buck and liked the temperament and appearance of the kids. Later, we bought a Nubian buck and fell in love with those gorgeous ears and noble head. The early years were invaluable, learning about basic management, nutrition and health needs of dairy goats. We're proud that our her today, we have descendants of our original does! Over the years, we increased our focus on the Toggenburgs and our last Nubians left the farm in 2011. Nubian reference information can be found here on our website - and we still have some fine Nubian semen in our tank - let us know if you're interested.

Our display at the 2012 ADGA National Show

We enjoy showing for a variety of reasons - to meet and see our "dairy goat" friends, see beautiful dairy goats, and have our animals compared and evaluated by trained, experienced ADGA judges according to an accepted set of standards - the ADGA scorecard. Each year we look at our work and family commitment obligations and then check show schedules to see what will work for us. We usually go to several springtime "club" shows and the we go to the ADGA National Show in July if possible. August and September are "fair season" for us and we try to make it to several state fairs in our region. In our years of showing, we've finished over 30 permanent champions and earned many Best-of-Breed, Best-in-Show and Premier Breeder/Exhibitor honors. A treasured memory is our 2006 trip to NAILE - the North American International Livestock Exposition - in Louisville, Kentucky, where were were delighted to show the Toggenburg Senior Grand and Reserve Grand Champion  and Junior Grand Champion does.


ADGA NATIONAL SHOW: We were thrilled when Dry Creek Acres Amaryllis was selected the 2011 Toggenburg Junior Grand Champion at ADGA Nationals in Massachusetts. The following year our Dry Creek Acres Brownsugar was selected as the 2012 Toggenburg Junior Grand Champion at ADGA Nationals in Colorado. We've been to ADGA Nationals in 2003, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012. Each time, we've had does in the championships lineups - and earned many nice ribbons.

LINEAR APPRAISAL: We participated in ADGA's Linear Appraisal program for six consecutive years until scheduling conflicts kept us from having LA in 2011 and 2012. We both have very fulltime off-the-farm employment and it can be hard to squeeze everything in. In 2013, we'll do whatever we need to do to get back on the Linear Appraisal rotation! We're proud to have earned many overall "excellent" and 90+ LA scores. We highly recommend Linear Appraisa, and believe that is the single best tool for evaluation and improvement of our herd.

Wisconsin State Fair 2012
with Verbena and Wruby

CAE PREVENTION: Our entire herd is CAE Negative and the herd is CAE-tested annually each January through Bio Tracking Labs of Moscow, Idaho. We practice strict CAE prevention, feeding all kids heat-treated colostrum and pasteurized milk by bottle and lambar-bucket We enjoy the healthy and loving kids this method of kid-rearing produces.

Results of just one of the many shows we
attended in 2012

BREEDING, KID PRICES AND RESERVATIONS: Kid prices start at $250 and up to $600. You'll find planned breedings and month due elsewhere on this website. To reserve a kid, please contact us for a price list. Prices are very reasonable considering the investments made in our high-quality stock, showing, linear appraisal and the highest quality of care and management. As you are aware, prices of feed, hay and fuel continue to rise, and these costs must be taken into account. We give discounts for multiple sales and for 4-H'ers - please feel free to ask. Each spring, after freshening, we always have some milkers available for sale priced at $300 and up. Let us know if you're interested in a milker and we will put you on the list as we make those decisions. Bred does are listed by age. Go to ADGA Genetics to research pedigrees by entering the ADGA registration number and click on names for more detail. Click on Linear History for more LA information. If you subscribe to ADGA Subscription Reports, you can check show wins for any animal by registration number.
"SOAKING WET" BUCK KIDS: Some folks newer to dairy goats look for a good quality buck so that they don't have to arrange for stud service.  A limited number of quality buck kids are available at a low "Soaking Wet" Price (depending on breeding) if you pick up the buckling within 6 days of birth and hand-raise the buckling yourself. He'll be tattooed, disbudded, CD/T vaccinated, and have a filled-out registration application ready to send to ADGA. If you're interested in a "Soaking Web" buck kid - let us know right away.


HEALTH AND MANAGEMENT SEMINARS: If you're interested in spending extended time with us to learn about how we care for and manage our herd, we've designed a 2-hour on-the-farm seminar covering topics such as nutrition, kid-rearing, worming, vaccinations, tattooing, disbudding, hoof-trimming and fitting for shows. We'll answer all your questions and give you printed materials to take with you. This is not veterinary advice, but simply a private, educational "How-We-Do-It" seminar scheduled at a time convenient to both of us. The seminar fee is $80 for the 2 hour seminar (one person) plus $10 for each additional immediate family member. And if you buy animals from our herd within 30 days, we will credit the seminar cost to the purchase price.

We love visitors! Let us know if you would like to visit Dry Creek Acres and we can set up a time convenient for both of us. And if you're too far for a visit, give us a call or e-mail so that we can discuss your needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dry Creek Acres Brownsugar
Junior Grand Champion at the 2012 ADGA National Show

Dry Creek Acres Dairy Goats
 Joe Skoda & Melissa O'Rourke
Rock Valley, Iowa
Phone 712-476-9288
Email: drycreekacres@hotmail.com

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